1. 1.
    a firm decision to do or not to do something.

There are many people who dismiss New Year Resolutions. The idea is humoured as a nonsensical trend that people will follow for the January period, just to make themselves feel better; in hindsight and in hope.

Although trends seem like a lifeblood of this age, essentially- it doesn't matter if someone does or doesn't follow them. I believe it's a lot about the above definition from face-value. You are deciding to do or not do something in your life.

'New Year, New Me' is a phrase I can hear enough of, however. I will use 2016 as a lesson, not just as the 'X' marked crappy year that it was for most of the world!

My resolutions are both personal and generic. And I'm trying to be realistic:

1. Move in to new flat.
My boyfriend and I have had an aim to move into a new place at the beginning of this year. Happy to say we finally have a move-in date! Posts will follow so keep an eye out.

2. Walk into work more (stop paying for parking... GUILTY)
This one speaks for itself and also spells LAZY.

3. Learn to cook healthier, staple meals
I can cook, just not well. If you ask my boyfriend and family, patience is something I leave at the kitchen door. I want food quickly to satisfy a too-often hangry state. 

4. Look after myself and check the details
I am not one for pampering often. I moisturise mostly because I have to but this is something I'm slowly getting better at.
For Christmas, my family bought me a whole range of different products. I have found the best range for my drink skin at this time of year 
I will also check the small details. The little things can make you feel 10 x better about yourself; small accessories, some eye-shadow or taking time with styling my hair. 

5. Budget
This is something I've huffed to my parents about for years. They'd tell me to budget and I cast it aside as too much effort. But last year I made a habit of it - best I could - and it really helped. I will hopefully continue to this this in 2017!

6. Be Positive
And finally, the most important one. I have a tendency to look at things negatively sometimes. It's mostly thinking about what I haven't managed to do, what I miss or fear of the future. Luckily those around me, especially my man, have such a positive outlook. He's my balance. 

On a final note, if any one has any great recipes they'd like to share - let me know!

Thanks for reading-


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